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Thank you for choosing “Jin Wang” products, Jin Wang Aluminum Equipment Limited Co. with all my colleagues the most sincerely appreciations! For you profits and also for our products quality tracking and improvement please cooperate with us to do the products guarantee work. Your cooperation and support will have our sincerely service.

1. “Jin Wang” equipments since the day you purchase will have 1 year guarantee period (Force majeure natural disasters except, man-made fault except, consumable parts except. Consumable parts include: machine, belt, saw blade, milling cutter). Maintenance service support way include: Telephone Call, Mail Parts, Door to Door Service, Send back the equipment to factory, which way to maintain subject to the actual fault.

2. If the products use over the guarantee period, our company will offer spare parts as the factory price. And you will have the low cost lifelong maintenance service (only charge for the parts price, door to door service fee, and traffic fee).

3. After you purchased the products, please fill in the warranty card, and send back the copy of the warranty card to our company. When you need warranty your equipment, please bring your warranty card and order form.

This motor is made of precious metal commutation, rare earth magnets with a coreless design to obtain high torque, high

speed but long life for such a small motor. It is the smallest dc driving motor in the market.
The motor is widely used in miniature toys, fliers, models, mini household appliances, auto electronics, etc.
Shaft length and lead wire length are optional. A weight or a gearbox can be added onto the shaft to make it into a coreless

vibration motor or a geared motor as well.
Dimensions and parameters can be customized to reasonable requests. See below typical specifications in details.

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