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ZTY Group Angle Machine Product Introduction

This section type use down-setting transmission mechanism, it is the most original novel, the most ideal group Angle machine , fully meet the high-level users processing large material requirements. In addition, based on the thermal insulation material, can supply the latest research and development of adjustable bump cutter holder to adapt to the needs of the ectopic group Angle.    
  Structure features:
1. Innovation using V board placed in table bottom structure, reasonable use space.     
2. A pneumatic pressure material, hydraulic group Angle, foot control, and adjustable cutter choice gear.
3. The automatic pressure angle structure, make operation form a coherent whole, higher grade.
4. Collection type pressure angle structure makes the material to pass in and out more convenient, king of honor.      
5. Increase the countertop and higher hit cutter holder can adapt to any section group Angle.
6. Supply new adjustable bump cutter holder can suitable for insulating the profile ectopic group Angle.
Technical parameters:
1. Working Voltage: 380v.
2. Motor Power: 2.2kw.
3. Hydraulic Pressure: 11 ─ 13Mpa.
4 Work Pressure: 0.6 ─ 0.8MPa.
5. Beakhead Height: 90 mm.
6. Colliding Stroke: 30 mm.
7. Colliding Adjust Stroke: 30 mm.
8. Back Pressure Angle Adjustment Stroke: 70 mm.
9. Overall Weight: 400 kg.
10. The Physical Size: 920 x 820 x 1200.


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