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Product Structure and Characteristics:
An operation platform that is finely forged, solid and steady, which ensure the platform free from deformation
Adopting a blade entry gas cylinder that is linked to material pressing gas cylinder, enabling handy operation and accurate positioning
Operated by gas  oil fusion cylinder, ensuring blade feeding reliably steady, adjustable in speed, and high efficiency
Adopting passage of shifting across twin precise guide rails in order to ensure smooth cut and increase cutting surface
Equipped with our companys excellent pneumatic atomized cooling system, ensuring better cutting efficacy and longer blade longevity
Gas-driven pressing and gas-liquid cutting lock, safe and reliable
Technical Parameters:

Work Voltage   380V                           
Exterior Dimension 680×1050×1350mm
Work Power 2.2 kw                 
Max Cutting Height in 45°125mm/215mm
Max Cutting Height in 90°180mm/305mm
Max Cutting Width in 45°125mm/145mm
Max Cutting Width in 90°125mm/145mm               
Motor Rotary Speed  2800r/min        
Work Pressure  0.6-0.8MPa                     
Saw Dimension Ф455×Ф25.4×4×120T              
Total Weight 320Kg    




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