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X6 Six Axial End Surface Mill Tenon Machine

This milling tenon machine is absorb the merits of similar products on the market, after improvement, especially in the frame of material and structure is more exquisite, reasonable structure perfect, appearance beautiful, easy and convenient operation, and the effect is also as we expected, since the devotion market it gets users to chase after hold in both hands.
Structure Features:
1. Six knife shaft structure, each knife shaft can be adjusted, two of the knife shaft can rotate
2. Choose linear bearing guide system, make table activity smooth flexible.      
3. Gas and oil mixed cylinder push, make table feed stability return quickly.      
4. Tool activities a column after plating processing, make the cutter holder lifting and flexible.  
5. Pneumatic spray cooling system, make the milling processing effect is better, tool more durable. 
Technical Parameters:
1. Working Voltage: 380 v.
2. Motor Power: 2 x 3 kw + 4 x 2.2 kw.
3. Motor Speed: 2800 r/min.
4. Countertop: 450 x 600 mm.
5. Milling Height: 150 mm.
6. The Clamping Profiles: 413.
7. Work Pressure: 0.6-0.8 MPa.
8. The Overall Weight: 980 kg.
9. The Physical Size: 2700 x 1100 x 1500 mm.


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