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This machine adopts currently the cutter popular lifting form, in the form on the same products to discard the dross and select the essential, and the basis for simplify products to make a significant improvement (Patent NO.: 201020288936.6). To make the products structure and appearance more perfect and reasonable, the angle location more accurate stable, double cutting equipment is users’ best choice who pursue to useful and high request.
Structure Features:
1. Power lower swing lifting operation structure, plus protective cover make the working environment safe and comfortable.
2. Innovative hand swinging angle system (Gained the National Patent), is easily transformed the angle.
3. The Unique upper angle fix device does not suffer saw dust pollution and ensure the angle fix accuracy.
4. A new type mechanism perfectly realizes the pendulum angle and locking control, makes operation easily.      
5. Activities case manual push relaxed flexible, with original manual trimming and locking device is beautiful and practical. 
6. fully-automatic digital control system make the operation more easily facilitate the display settings at a glance.
7. The addition of supplementary feeding device making minimum cutting length shorten to 200mm, increase the cutting area. 
Technical Parameters:
1. Working Voltage: 380V
2. Motor Power : 2×3kw    
3. Main Spindle Speed: 3000r/min   
4.Working Air Pressure: 0.6—0.8MPa.
5. Saw Blade Specification: φ500×φ25.4×4.8×120T  
6. Saw Blade Angle: 45º--90º     
7. Cutting Length: 200~4500mm
8. 90º Cutting Section: 150×250mm
9. 45°Cutting Section: 105×250mm
10. Slide Way Diameter: 50mm
11. Main Engine Weight: 1520kg
12. Main Engine Outside Size: 5740×1046×1370mm


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