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J300 Precision Rotary Cutting Machine

This machine is developed by our company which aims at small and medium-sized customers and flow construction personnel popular product. Due to its compact structure, reasonable material selection and amazing use effect, now it has been one of the best-selling products in our company. (Patent No.: ZL 2013 2 0598470.3)
Structure Features:
1. Special ball precision rotary structure, make the swing angle flexible accurate and structure stable.
2. Narrow gap between working table and back up plate, better for oddments horizontal move and avoid hitting material.
3. Original swing head use the precision bearing support structure, make the satisfactory cutting effect.
4. Assembling and dismantling type stub make the working table high-low freely switch, and better for fixing or flowing use.
This type of feeding frame is the dedicated option designed for J300 electric precision rotary cutting machine, when the simple stop lever cannot been satisfied users, users can purchase this specialized roller feeding frame mating use.
Specially designed for precision rotary cutting machine, positioning for the whole casing, using the linear bearing axle, scale size can fine adjustment calibration, and the rotary delivers the material to reduce effort conveniently, exquisite appearance and special-purpose specialization.
 Technical Parameters:
Outside Size: (L) 3000×(W) 220×(H)710mm=2
1. Working Voltage: 380V/220V
2. Motor Power: 1.1kw    
3. Main Spindle Speed: 3600r/min      
4. Saw blade specification: φ305×φ25.4×3 mm         
5. Cutting Range: 140×80mm/100×100mm.
6. Locating Length: 3000*260*710mm=2
7. Working Table Height: 100/750mm
8. Main Host Weight: 50kg
9. Main Engine Outside Size: 650×560×680mm



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