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What are the advantages and disadvantages of flat window opening, inside opening, outside opening and lower hanging window?


The window is a channel for air and light in our room. So we need a little more effort in the choice of the window, Xiaobian with you know flat window, inside open window, open the advantages of the hanging window, you can according to their actual needs to choose to buy.


First, casement window:

Good ventilation, good sealing, sound insulation, heat preservation, good impermeability. The inner open window is convenient, but the inner opening will occupy part of the indoor space; open opening does not occupy space, but the open wind area is large, and some places are prohibited to install windows outside the high altitude.




Two. Inner opening and falling inside:

The inner opening window is a new form developed on the basis of casement window. It has two kinds of open, can open, but also in the fall (upper sash introverted). When opening, you can open a gap of about ten centimeters, that is to say, the window can be opened from above, open part hanging in the air, through the hinge and other fixed connection with the window frame. It has the advantages of ventilation to ensure indoor air convection; and can guarantee the family anti-theft property, because there are only ten open window hinge, CM seam, from the outside hand does not come in, especially for a short time without using at home at home; especially suitable for hospitals and maternal confinement, can air convection, wind does not blow directly into the human body.





Advantages of inner opening and inner reverse window:

In 1, when it does not occupy the indoor space, the curtain can be severed, and there is no conflict sash lifting clothes hanger.


2, when the inside down, children can play freely, you can also clean the room, no fear of window corner hit the head or body.


3, children playing on the windowsill, there will be no danger of falling out of the window.


4, only when the inside of the first closed window in the room to open to flat open state, so you do not have to worry about thieves will pry through the window into the room, when you go out, you can open up and hang, always keep the indoor air fresh.


5, when the interior ventilation is natural, the wind is blowing from the side of the window, not directly blowing people's body, make you feel more comfortable.


6, when the breeze and rain, raindrops can only splash on the glass, will not splash into the room. Friendly tip: keep the windows closed when the wind and rain are heavy!




Three. Open the window outside

Outside the open window is hanging on the window through the handle handle sash, driven by the corresponding mobile hardware driver, the window sash can open or open dumping angle to the indoor ventilation to the indoor floor. By rotating the handle of the window, the inner linkage mechanism of the window is driven, so that the window is locked (the handle is vertical downward), the flat opening (handle level), the hanging window (vertical upward) of the window in different positions. Do not affect the indoor space, usually use most of the time; can effectively solve the problem of anti-theft, indoor unmanned or night inverted opening, more assured.


The characteristics of the outside hanging window

1, ventilation, because the inverted position is open outside the window is another way to open, so that the room with the nature of the natural circulation of air, indoor air fresh, while excluding the possibility of rainwater into the room. Fresh air undoubtedly creates comfortable living environment for people, and is widely used in high-rise curtain walls, such as hotels, offices and so on.


The various functions in the operating room 2, security hardware layout of the sash around the linkage piece and the handle, closed when the sash is fixed on the window frame, so it has excellent safety and anti-theft function.


3, easy to clean the windows operating linkage simple handle, can go outside the indoor chuangshan. It is convenient and safe to clean the outer surface of the window.


4. The utility model avoids the indoor space occupied when the inner window is opened; the curtain is not easy to be hung and the lifting type hanging clothes rod is mounted.


5, sealing insulation performance is good, through the window around multi-point locking, to ensure the sealing of doors and windows, insulation effect.


You know, flat window, inside open window, open window features, you can buy according to their own situation and actual needs.


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